Conquer Your Fear and Launch Your Live Video Business!

>> Uncover the real reason you are not creating LIVE videos

>> Create great looking videos where you feel empowered recording them

>> Learn an easy tool to set yourself up to record live videos using what you, probably, have at home 

Join me on this 5 day challenge for this and so much more. 


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Hello Wonderful Being


I am Kaylee, a mum, entrepreneur, abundant manifester who is passionate about rescuing as many Kelpies as she can. 

I help entrepreneurs who have a drive to create a thriving business, using video, without the struggle of limiting beliefs, fears and doubts. 

My role, on this earth, is to help people shift past that voice in their head so they can create online video content with ease and even enjoy it. 

YES! You can actually have fun creating              LIVE videos and I am here to show              you how.

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The Kaylee Grace Show Podcast


The podcast episodes are designed to create greater awareness in alignment with manifesting, law of attraction, motivation, money mindset and dealing with trauma, ptsd and emotional abuse. 

With a variety of guests including coaches, thought leaders, healers, spiritual mentors and entrepreneurs it is sure to inspire listeners to fully embrace life. 


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